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Green Initiatives

Water Harvester

The Ontario Horticultural Society, through the Ripley and District Horticultural Society, sponsored the construction of a water-harvesting demonstrator at the front gate. Water runs off the gatehouse roof and is directed by an eavestrough around the pergola and into a trough hidden in the bench. The water pump accesses the water which is then used to water the planter and nearby plants.


Why reuse it? It’s simple, used goods require:

We need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and reuse is sustainability in action. Throughout the Gardens you will see evidence of this initiative in the construction of the Garden spaces and elements.

Reclaimed mattresses and springs form the foundation of the garden. The mattress felt was used as landscape fabric and mattress springs became fences. Donated antique mattress coils make a statement as the gates to the Gardens.


We are a Non-Profit Corporation. Please contact us if you would like to support this important project
and if you are interested in volunteering with our projects.

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